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Experience a wide variety of art at 2,456 metres

Art Mountain

The most beautiful overnight stay high above the Engadine, the most breathtaking view over the valley and - the highest possible enjoyment of art. Yes, on Muottas Muragl you can also expect real superlatives in terms of culture. Whether in terms of culinary creations, hiking on the Philosopher's Path or strolling along the Senda d'Inspiraziun art trail.

Gravity Flow» by Douglas Mandry

Take a walk on the Muottas Muragl art mountain and discover the unique glass sculptures by Douglas Mandry, which the Swiss artist created as part of the "Gravity Flow" project. The project takes the phenomenon of glacier melt in Switzerland as its starting point: various 3D scans of ice blocks, glacier slabs and ice structures of the Rhone glacier were cast in glass and made into physical sculptures by hand. The result is a formation of large "ice rocks" made of glass, which are intended to make both the fragility and the permanent, erratic state visible. The material glass thereby thematises the change of materiality - glass that is initially liquid and finally remains in a solid state. A unique project in what is probably the most beautiful art gallery, namely the magnificent nature at 2,456 metres.

These mountains. These lakes. This light.” Philosoph Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche

"These mountains. These lakes. This light!", the famous philosopher Friederich Nietzsche once said about the Engadine. And this light is particularly beautiful to see up here on Muottas Muragl in all its shades: Whether as a soft light early in the morning, as a glistening sun in the middle of the day or in the interplay with shadows and clouds in the sky. The spectacle of the sun here at 2,456 metres is always spectacular.

Art at 2,456 metres

Discover the unique sculptures by five Swiss artists on an extended walk along the "Senda d'Inspiraziun" art trail just above the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl.

Il Guot

Artist: Timo Lindner, 2007

 "Il Guot" is a unique work of art created by Timo Lindner for the 100th anniversary of the Muottas Muragl funicular railway. The drop made of natural stone, mortar and a white marble coating symbolises the whole world of water - from rain to ice to snow. The work of art is typical of Lindner's oeuvre, whose works are reduced and archaic and present the supposedly everyday in a surprising way.


Artist: Curdin Niggli, 2007

The iron sculpture "Cruscheda" was given to Engadin St. Moritz Mountains by the municipality of Samedan as a gift for the 100th anniversary of the Muottas Muragl funicular railway. Only one track and yet it is possible for the two carriages to cross. Thanks to the will to make the impossible possible and an extraordinary pioneering spirit, Graubünden's first tourist scenic railway went into operation on 9 August 1907. A length of 2,201 metres and an incline of 56 percent were mastered during construction at an altitude of 2,456 metres.

Sine Sole Sileo

Artist: Fred Bangerter, 2011

Up here, the power of the sun plays a central role. Muottas Muragl is one of the sunniest locations in Switzerland and with the Sine Sole Sileo - in German: "ohne Sonne schweige ich" - the most accurate sundial in the world has been standing on this very mountain since 2011. See for yourself the extreme accuracy of the sundial, which shows the time to within 10 seconds.


Ils Trais Piz

Artist: Fabian Forrer, 2013

Fabian Forrer, technical employee of Engadin St. Moritz Mountains, came up with the idea for these mountain scouts "Ils Trais Piz" made of rusted Corten sheet metal. With so many impressive mountain peaks, it's hard to remember all the names. But we promise you one thing: From now on, you will always be able to remember the world-famous Bianco ridge of Piz Berina (4,049 metres), which is covered in ice and snow, as well as Piz Julier (3,380 metres) and Piz Ot (3,246 metres). Take a look for yourself and catch a glimpse of the three imposing mountain peaks.

Bernina Glaciers

Artist: Ramon Zangger, 2013

With this unique panorama over the Upper Engadine lake plateau, it is easy to overlook other spectacular vantage points. Take a seat in the artwork "Bernina Glaciers" made of Engadine stone pine and allow yourself a little rest. Let your gaze wander over one of the most spectacular mountain massifs in the Alps: the Bernina massif. In the process, you will discover other imposing mountain peaks in addition to the Piz Bernina, which rises an incredible 4,049 metres into the air.