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We, the host Michael Müller and the chef Lukas Pfaff, together with our 36-strong team, run the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl with a lot of heart and passion.

We warmly welcome you to Muottas Muragl”
To feel the hiddenness and yet the pulse of time describes the unfolding of the sensations that are evident in such an eminent place as Muottas Muragl.” Michael miller

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Interview with host Michael Müller

«My goal and my vision is to combine tradition and modernity on Muottas Muragl into a symbiosis.»

Michael Müller has been the host at the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl since the 2023 summer season - and has now been at home in the Engadin for seven years. For him, the high valley is not just his home, but a real place of power. When work allows, the native Bavarian prefers to be out and about in the beautiful mountain nature, hiking, skiing or playing his favorite hobby: golf. He is also very close to nature at his place of work on Muottas Muragl. In this interview, the 34-year-old tells us about the philosophy with which he manages the historic hotel and its almost 40 employees, his vision for its further development and what his personal favorite place at 2,456 meters is.

Michael, how are you doing - how was your first summer season on Muottas Muragl?

I can draw a very positive conclusion: it was an intensive summer season with successful day-to-day business and numerous great events. We can count ourselves lucky that there was so much going on. Of course, I'm now looking forward to the mid-season break. But also because I know how much we have achieved as a team over the last few months. The team deserves a big imaginary round of applause, because they all contribute - whether in front of or behind the scenes - to the fact that we can describe the season as 'successful'. The recognition is also reflected in the feedback from guests: I recently received feedback at a large private event on Muottas Muragl that they really appreciated our warmth and professionalism. I am particularly pleased with this feedback, because these are precisely the values we want to convey as the Muottas Muragl team.

What do you see as the core values in your work as host of the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl?

It is essential for me that all of the almost 40 employees in my team know exactly what they contribute to the success of the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl. This hands-on mentality is very important to me. Because we all contribute to the result, no matter what role we play or what task we carry out. I like to compare a team to a family: there are ups and downs. They are part of it and we all know them. Not every day is the same; sometimes someone in the family is in a better mood, sometimes less so. There are days when you get on each other's nerves as siblings or don't get on well with the challenges of everyday life - and yet, at the end of the day, you sit together at the big table and know what you have in common. It's the same with us at Muottas Muragl: we are one big team, act like a family, have our challenging moments and still pull together in the end to achieve our common goal.

And what is the common goal? If we look to the future: Tell us about your vision for the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl.

My goal and vision is to combine tradition and modernity into a symbiosis at Muottas Muragl. What I mean by that in concrete terms: I get to work in this historic place with beautiful traditional values that need to be preserved. On the other hand, we are faced with many future-oriented, challenging new tasks in very different areas that we have to implement in the business. Because we also have to deal with the changes in our environment on our excursion mountain in the Engadin. I am thinking, for example, of new employee constellations, New Work, sustainability and culinary delights. These forward-looking movements and needs need to be taken into account and Muottas Muragl needs to be further developed in this direction while maintaining its traditional values. It is a gentle transformation process. For me personally, it is a very exciting task to make such a unique place fit for the future. Incidentally, it is precisely because this is important to us that we, the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl and Engadin St. Moritz Mountains are part of the 'Next Generation Board' - the cross-cantonal network for shaping a more attractive working environment in tourism from the industry association HotellerieSuisse.

And what are you looking forward to in the upcoming winter season?

In general, it is always exciting to experience the different guest needs in the Engadin. This is particularly evident at such a popular excursion destination. We have a very diverse guest structure, because almost everyone who lives or visits the Engadin comes to Muottas Muragl sooner or later. However, there is one crucial difference: in winter, Muottas Muragl is more of an alternative to the surrounding winter sports mountains and to skiing or snowboarding as a mountain for excursions and enjoyment. I personally look forward to the start of the winter season, because this time of year is even more homely and cozy. I particularly love the feel-good atmosphere combined with the culinary delights.

There really are so many beautiful places on Muottas Muragl. Can you tell us your personal favorite place?

I actually have two favorite places. One is the small terrace over by Villa Lyss. For me, it's like nothing else. I feel one step closer to nature there - probably also because of the structural features of the terrace, which was built 'out into the valley', so to speak, at the front of the slope. When I stand there, I can let my thoughts wander and literally send them across the entire Upper Engadin lake district. In the Romantik Hotel itself, it's the Arvenstube at the back of the panorama restaurant: it radiates so much comfort, cosiness and authenticity - a real favorite place and almost the stereotype of a cozy parlor in the mountains. I know that most people particularly appreciate the panoramic front at the window. However, I personally am a big fan of the Arvenstube and therefore try to make it appealing to our guests. Whenever I have time for a short break, I like to sit down here and enjoy my tea.